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Thanks for stopping-by & supporting a small start-up! From Market Stall beginnings, each of the loose-leaf teas from Pineapple Sage Herbary are dreamt-up/hand-blended/packed in a Devon kitchen, by a one-woman-band that is me (Nadege, qualified Naturopath & certified Herb Nut!) Every purchase means a lot, so a big thank you to my little legion of fab customers!

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***  100% Natural & absolutely NO added nasties / artificial colours / sweeteners / sugar or cheap filler herbs. Large range of ORGANIC herbs. No toxic teabags.

*** Integrity & Quality over Profits: The herbs used in the making of these teas are top quality & Certified ORGANIC (whenever possible) - sourced from trusted suppliers. Transparency - where ‘Organic’ is not available for a particular herb in a batch, I’ll always state this on the label/online shop.

*** Tea Sensations! I’ve blended these herbs to suit a variety of palates… Many an hour has been spent conjuring up these recipes & tea tasting (terrible job)... So whether you’re a Fruit/Floral/Green/Spice aficionado… there’s bound to be one for you :)

***  Herbs for Health. So much more than just a cuppa tea Herbs are both food and therapeutic. It’s not just about taste… herbs have a mountain of health benefits & a rich history of use... ‘Let Food be thy Medicine and Medicine be thy Food’ as Hippocrates so famously quoted over 2000 years ago - he's spot on! Small dietary habits over a lifetime add up to big benefits. To find out more about Natural Health & Herbal Medicine, you can visit

***  Environmental Commitment - Treading Gently:  from the sourcing of ingredients to the plastic-free / biodegradeable packaging & the no-bag policy!

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‘Ditch the Bag’  for better flavour, therapeutic benefits and environmental reasons. Most people who try loose-leaf never look back… So do yourself a favour & invest in an old-fashioned tea-strainer or a teapot/flask with one in-built! (well worth the minimal extra effort!)


When herbs are finely ground (as in teabags) they loose more potency/are quicker to degrade. Looseleaf = better flavour with a longer shelf life.


Chunky bits of herb also = more essential oils and antioxidants = more THERAPEUTIC benefits. Tea is essentially a water extract of a plant, helping to deliver the beneficial components into the body, where they can work their magic :) If you want to delve more into the benefits of culinary/medicinal herbs, do check out the Resources section of my main website for a few of my favourite Books/Web-Links


Control - Loose-leaf allows you to make tea to your taste/requirements. You can easily add less herbs or a little more for a stronger flavour or therapeutic dosing (upon the advice of a herbalist) When making your own blends a general rule is 1-2 teaspoons of total blend per 1 cup water.


Loose-leaf often seems pricey but quality aside, bear in mind 25g gives you 5-10 cups (depending on strength) and 50g gives you 10-20 cups. Works out at a heck of a lot less than your average coffee shop latte! Plus you get a 2nd brew: used loose leaf can be re-brewed immediately for a second (albeit slightly milder) brew and still tastes great.


Less Waste – We live in a disposable society… but the tide is changing and we are (rightly!) going back to basics. Loose leaf tea is 100% compostable and less wasteful, minimising needless packaging. Plus, consider that many teabags contain plastic fragments & harmful chemicals, such as bleaching agents!

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Though most herbs, including my teas are generally very safe, as with any food/herb – there are some general cautions to heed!


Any health info or herbie-anecdotes provided on this website/blog/social media, or with the teas are for general interest/entertainment purposes only. Anyone with a serious medical condition should always seek medical advice.


Though I take a lot of care in making my tea blends/products, please note that they are produced in a home-kitchen containing multiple allergens, as opposed to a sterile factory environment. Contamination with allergens is highly unlikely but caution is recommended nevertheless. Any known allergens in the ingredients will be listed on the label.


As already mentioned, most of the herbs I sell/use in my tea blends have a good safety record & a long history of traditional use, however for some people they may not be suitable. Always check with a medical professional or qualified herbalist if you are PREGNANT/BREASTFEEDING/ or have a serious HEALTH CONDITION / ARE TAKING PHARMACEUTICAL MEDICATIONS. Similarly, seek advice beforegiving herbs to CHILDREN/BABIES as not all herbs are suitable & the dose will need adjusting. Surgery Planned? Stop taking high doses of herbs for 2 weeks before/after surgery unless advised otherwise by a herbalist/medical professional. For a more in-depth view on Herb Safety please visit my main website where I've written a little more on the topic:


Similarly, as with any foods – unexpected allergic reactions/intolerances are possible. This is rare but it can happen. Discontinue if any reactions occur and seek medical advice.

VARIETY! Remember to vary your teas, just as you do your foods. As a qualified Naturopath, I’m a big believer in variety for health, in order to get a large range of nutrients and to reduce the risk of intolerances developing/unwanted adverse effects – as I don’t believe it is natural or necessary to eat/drink the same thing every single day three times a day for your whole life! We are meant to eat seasonally, as nature intended and the same applies to what we drink. So in the age when we have everything at our disposal at all times, it pays to consciously vary what you take in. Try to mix up the teas you drink at least every few months (or alternate during the week/every few weeks)


The majority of culinary and medicinal herbs are safe when used correctly, in the right doses. Where possible, I have indicated some main cautions – however this is not an exhaustive list, so always check for your individual circumstances. As well as seeking professional advice, there are some great online resources/books for general guidance when using herbs. See the Resources section of my website for a heads-up to get you started. See

Last Note - TEA BLENDS//

It is worth noting that these tea blends contain small amounts of a variety of herbs, as opposed to 1 large dose of a single herb & these teas are to be enjoyed in normal dietary amounts, as opposed to higher therapeutic doses – so they are generally very low risk! However, to err on the side of caution – follow the advice above and seek professional advice if any of the previous points apply.

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About your Teasmith...

Hello & Welcome! I'm Nadege: Qualified Nutritionist/Herbalist & Certified Herb-Nut + Gardener/Herb Horticulturalist-in-the-making…

From humble Market-Stall beginnings to this little virtual tea/herb shop, I’m over the moon to finally be able to sell my fayres here on the big wide web. Pineapple Sage Herbary remains a small kitchen-business, except it now has wings :) to carry my teas & herbs to your door.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m passionate about NATURE and all things ‘herby’ whether it be for health, home or beauty. I'm a big believer that 'Mother Nature' does it best! For years, I’ve wanted to develop a quality range of loose-leaf herbs/tea blends that not only taste great, but have therapeutic value. Having spent years working in Health Food Stores, I saw a big gap in the market for locally produced, quality loose-leaf teas that frankly don’t taste like sawdust! …so I’ve worked hard to bring something else to the table. As it stands, I’m pretty sure (at least I hope!) that I've succeeded & you’ll love these teas/herbs/products as much as I do.

For anyone curious about the bones of Natural Health/Naturopathy - you can visit my main website for further info. Any other Q’s? Just drop me an email (address below) & I’ll endeavour to get back to you ASAP

So go ahead - have a browse & hopefully find your brew! Of course, you can also connect with me via Facebook/Instagram, always great to hear from my customers  :) 

In Health & Happiness

Nadege x